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2015 $20 Majestic Animal - Pure Silver 5-Coin Set with Display Case
Majestic Animals Series - 2015 - Complete Set with Box
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Year: 2015

RCM# 147229

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Set of Five $20 Proof Silver Coins - Mintage just 6,500 each

This collection includes all five $20 fine silver coins in the “Majestic Animal” series. The five coins include the Bighorn Sheep, Misty Morning Mule Deer, Majestic Elk, Imposing Alpha Wolf and the newest release Snowy Owl. Mintage is limited to just 6,500 of each coin. Every coin in this series collection has been a quick sell out from the Royal Canadian Mint, and coins in this series are all highly sought after by collectors. Although some of these coins now sell in the secondary market at more than the original issue price, this complete set is being offered here still at the original issue price. As pure silver coins struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, this collection is GST/HST exempt.

2015 Bighorn Sheep
The design features a full-body coloured portrait of a bighorn sheep that captures its grandeur in a picturesque mountain valley setting. With its head turned to the left, the muscular bighorn commands attention as it stands sure-footed atop a rocky ledge. The colour, detail and light in this image bring this majestic animal to life. The brilliant hues of the leaves and landscape add vibrancy and dimension to the background, which is dominated by the Rocky Mountains that tower over the river below.

2015 Misty Morning Mule Deer
The reverse image by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant recreates the colours of an autumn morning in one of western Canada’s many forests. Here, a male and female mule deer have made their way to lower elevations where they have entered a foothills meadow to forage. The early morning light creates a blue cast on the misty scenery, softening the vibrant autumn colours of the surrounding foliage. In the foreground, the buck stands tall and attentive to any sound, turning its head to the left, while a doe follows behind in the background.

2015 Majestic Elk
The reverse image by Canadian artist Maurade Baynton features a timeless portrait of an elk. Here, the majestic elk armed with impressive antlers, that give it a stately air, moves through the wilderness with a steady confidant gait, as it browses through the vegetation that sustains it through the seasons.

2015 Alpha Wolf
The reverse image by Canadian artist Maurade Baynton features a lone wolf perched on a rocky slope. Here, the Alpha wolf holds a steely gaze as it surveys its remote territory and the horizon beyond the image field. Behind the wolf, a mountain range looms over the river that winds through the forest valley below, with tall timbers that only add to the majesty of this natural setting. Guardian of its territory, the wolf is a fearless hunter that relies on its remarkable intelligence, and maintains its reputation as an apex predator. It also plays an important role in the biodiversity of the remote areas it inhabits, from Labrador to British Columbia and north.

2016 Snowy Owl
The reverse image by Canadian artist Douglas Liard features a snowy owl after the first snow. Intricately engraved and enhanced with vibrant colour, this unique close-up allows a view of this creature’s remarkable features, from its rounded head and black bill to the down-covered legs and toes. Perched on a dried piece of wood in a rolling field, the owl’s brown-barred white plumage allows for an element of camouflage amidst its natural surroundings—particularly as the softly falling snow blankets the landscape. Using its acute hearing, the snowy owl has detected our intrusion and has swiveled its head to spy the viewer with the big, yellow eyes that help it seek its prey throughout the seasons.
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