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2017 $100 Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals: 5-Coin Pure Silver Set
2017 $100 Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals: 5-Coin Pure Silver Set
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Our Price: $999.95 ** Price Per Coin/ Tax Exempt **
Year: 2017

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Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Product Code: 2017SCULPTSUB

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Final Coin in This Set Now Available!

Exclusive CdnCoin.com Offer:
While official issue price is $1099.95 per coin and the first two coins are sold out from the RCM,
we are pleased to offer the last few complete five coin subscriptions at just $999.95* per coin.
Payments for subsequent coins are collected as each coin is released.

2017 $100 Fine Silver 3D Sculpture Coin Series


The first coin in this series and subscriptions for the full five coin set sold out almost immediately on the day they were released from the Royal Canadian Mint, and it is easy to see why. Stunning art, innovation, lots of precious metal and a low mintage combine to make something unusually special. Since the first coins of the world were struck more than 2500 years ago until now, coin designs have been confined to two dimensional coin blanks and the limited relief of traditional minting. With these new coins, the Royal Canadian Mint raises Canada’s most iconic animals off the surface of the coins and brings them to life with full three-dimensional sculpture designs. Each impressive $100 coin in the five coin series is struck in ten ounces of pure silver, and is further enhanced with a layer of 24 karat gold. In addition to their artistic beauty, collectability of this revolutionary series is further heightened by an extremely low limited mintage of just 1,200 pieces for each design. As pure silver coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, there is no HST or GST applicable on these coins.

By subscribing to get the whole series, you will save $100 per coin from the single coin issue price of $1099.95, gain access to the sold out first issue, and be guaranteed access to the remaining three low mintage coins all at your special subscription value price. When you order this item, you will get the first two coins in the series sent to you now at $999.95 each, then the additional three coins in the series as they are released every second month.

All of the designs for this series have been created by renowned Canadian sculptor Karl Lansing, and each features a striking 360 degree image of one of Canada’s most iconic animals: The Grizzly Bear, Cougar, Elk, Bighorn Sheep and Wolf. The first coin in the series features a bold and dynamic Grizzly Bear as he treads across the underbrush of a northern forest. The second coin in the series features a sleek and graceful Cougar as she slinks close to the ground, stalking her prey.

Each of the five coins in the series will be presented standing on a round wooden pedestal and protected by a domed cover that allows the coin to be proudly displayed as a work of art. With this subscription, the Grizzly Bear, and the cougar sculpture coin will be sent to you right away. The remaining coins will be sent to you as they are released every second month, with the guarantee that you will be able to obtain all five coins at the original issue price of $999.95 each, even if the market value increases.

Designs and Expected Release Dates:

Grizzly Bear available to ship now

Cougar available to ship now

Elk available to ship in April

Bighorn Sheep June 2017

Wolf August 2017

One of Numismatic Expert Steven Bromberg’s Top Picks EVER!

Here’s why:

• First issue ever to feature revolutionary full three dimensional designs

• One of the most innovative and beautiful coins ever issued in the world.

• Extremely low mintage of just 1,200 coins for Canada and the world.

• High likelihood that demand will far exceed supply, resulting in a substantial increases in market value

• Stunning appearance, can be collected and enjoyed as a work of art at the same time.

• Large and impressive with a 65 mm diameter, 40 mm height and weight of 10 ounces of fine silver

• Original sculptures modeled by renowned artist and sculptor Karl Lansing

• Designs feature iconic Canadian animals

* Note: The price of $999.95 per coin refers to the unit price of each coin in this series when purchased as a complete subscription(s) ONLY. Should you choose to cancel your subscription prior to the delivery of the complete series, and you would like to keep the coin(s) already received, additional payment(s) will be required to switch your purchase(s) from "Subscription" to "Single" coin purchase. The additional payment(s) will be equal to the difference in price between the issue price of the coin(s) in a complete subscription ($999.95 per coin) and our current value(s) of the single coin(s) at the time of cancellation.

Example: Coin #1 Grizzly Bear - Single Coin Price $1499.95 vs Subscription Price $999.95 - additional payment required = $500

Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 100Dollar

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