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2017 $100 The 1867 Confederation - 30 oz. Pure Silver 3 Coin Set
2017 $100 The 1867 Confederation - Pure Silver 3 Coin Set
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Year: 2017

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This three coin ‘Canada 150’ Commemorative $100 coin subscription series is already being considered one of the most beautiful coin sets ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each of the ten ounce fine silver coins combines important Canadian history, spectacular high relief art, a double effigy of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, and an extremely low mintage of just 1,000 coins. This is one of the top recommended sets of 2017 by coin expert Steven Bromberg, with his prediction of an immediate sell-out from the RCM and a rapid increase in market value.

The three coins in the series will be released one per month in April, May and June of 2017. When you purchase this subscription, the first coin will be sent to you now, with the second coin to be sent in May and the third coin in June. Each coin will be billed at $899.95 as it is shipped. Even if the market price increases, subscription purchasers are guaranteed all three coins at the official issue price. As pure silver coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, these coins are GST/HST exempt.

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Coin #1 – 1867 Confederation – April 2017

To celebrate Canadian Confederation in 1867, the Fathers of Confederation sought to mark the event by creating an extraordinary commemorative medal, which was commissioned to be produced (in England) by the leading engravers of the era, J.S. and A.B. Wyon. The resulting medal has been considered a masterpiece of medallic art, and the few surviving original silver specimens today sell for several thousand dollars each. In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint has recreated this spectacular design on a new ten ounce fine silver coin with a $100 denomination. The design uses the same large 3 inch (76.25 mm) diameter as the original medals issued in 1867.

The reverse design is inspired by the rich medallic traditions the era, and features allegorical representations of both the fledgling Dominion of Canada and Great Britain. Britannia, Great Britain’s timeless allegory, is peacefully seated and is adorned with a helmet and armour. She holds a trident on her right as a shield ornamented with the Royal Union Flag rests on her side. A lion, the stalwart symbol of Great Britain, is seated at Britannia’s feet and is resting its head on her knees. Britannia is presenting a figurative representation of the British North American Act that reads “CONFEDERATION”.

The CONFEDERATION scroll is being bestowed upon four young maidens, who gaze cherishingly upon the matronly Britannia. The maidens represent the four original provinces in the British North America Act (clockwise from the top): Ontario with a sickle and sheaf symbolizing agriculture; Quebec holding a canoe paddle that represented commerce of the era; Nova Scotia with a shovel representing its rich mining; and New Brunswick with an axe, a representation of forestry.

The design also features the Latin adage JUVENTAS ET PATRIUS VIGOR, or YOUTH AND PATRIOTIC STRENGTH, as was presented on the original design in 1867. In 1867, these were two of the greatest attributes of the new nation. For this 150th anniversary commemorative, the year has been updated from “1867” to the new double date “1867-2017”, together with the word “CANADA” and the face value “100 DOLLARS”

The obverse design is new for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, but also draws on the tradition of the original Confederation medal and the first coins of Canada. While the obverse of the original 1867 medal featured a single effigy of Queen Victoria, the reigning monarch at the time of Confederation, the obverse of this new coin features the dual effigies of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt and Queen Victoria by Leonard Charles Wyon. Queen Victoria is featured as the monarch at the time of Confederation in 1867, while Queen Elizabeth II appears as our monarch at the time of ‘Canada 150’. The obverse also includes the cypher used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the cypher that was used by Queen Victoria. Each cypher is ensigned with a crown depicted in a style specifically used by each monarch. This new Canada 150 commemorative obverse is common to all three coins in this series.

Coin #2 – 1927 Diamond Jubilee of Canadian Confederation - May 2017

As Canada reached its milestone 60th Anniversary of Confederation in 1927, the precedent first set in 1867 was followed to create a new large format allegorical commemorative medal. In celebration of ‘Canada 150’, this design has been brought back to life in a new ten ounce fine silver $100 coin. The design was first created by Canadian illustrator Charles William Jefferys (1869-1951), and was engraved by the illustrious French medallist, Raymond Delamarre (1890-1986) of the Paris Mint.

The 1927 medal design provides an allegorical representation of the growth, development and early transformation of Canada. In place of the four eager young maidens which represented the founding provinces of Canada on the 1867 medal, a new single “Canada” figure on the 1927 medal has gained maturity and confidence, and represents the unified country. Her arms are spread wide, echoing Canada’s official motto which appears across the medal Ad Mari Usque Ad Mare (“From sea to sea”). Below the allegorical figure are sheaves of wheat and clusters of maple leaves. Behind her, a map of the country includes the transcontinental rail links and the shield from the Royal Arms of Canada. The names of four prominent explorers are also included: (Captain James) Cook, (Captain George) Vancouver are inscribed along the West coast, while (Jacques) Cartier and (Samuel de) Champlain are inscribed on the East side of the map. ‘Canada’ stands proudly on a pedestal marked 1867-1927.

The obverse design for this medal is the same common obverse for all three medals in the series, featuring a double effigy of Queen Victoria (the monarch at the time of confederation in 1867) and Queen Elizabeth II (the monarch at the time of Canada 150).

Coin #3 – The 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation - June 2017

The last coin in this three part $100 coin series is new art designed to represent Canada as the country celebrates its milestone 150th anniversary of confederation.

The reverse design by Canadian artist Rebecca Yanovskaya is both classic and at the same time modern. Centering on an allegorical personification of Canada, the elements represent our story as a nation including historic, geographic, social and political aspects. In the foreground, Canada rises up strong, majestic and bold; she bears a youthful appearance, given Canada’s status as a relatively young nation. Canada is the picture of grace and a vision of strength in her protective armour; and yet she carries no weapon—a symbolic representation of our efforts to bring peace throughout the world. Facing out as though looking to the future, Canada’s gaze is calm and steady while her arms are open wide, ready to embrace what challenges and triumphs lie ahead. In one hand is a symbolic representation of the British North America Act, which represents the birth of the Dominion of Canada 150 years ago; in the other hand is a single feather that pays tribute to those who helped forge our nation’s path: the First Nations peoples and the Fathers of Confederation. A fur cape is a further reminder of First Nations traditions, as well as the importance of the fur trade in Canada’s early history. In the background, Mount Logan (Canada’s tallest peak) represents the diversity of the land, and alludes to the ability of Canadians to “rise” to the challenges of the past, present and future.

The Latin banner across the bottom reads “HISTORIA TUA EPOS EST”, which translates to “Your history is an epic”, a line which also appears in the French version of O Canada. In the first 150 years, the Canada has seen prosperity and hard times, peace and turmoil, tragedy and triumph. But most of all, at its 150th anniversary of Confederation it is a mature but still youthful nation with a strong patriotic identity and with a reputation as a strong, innovative, steadfast and hopeful nation.

The obverse design for this medal is the same common obverse for all three medals in the series, featuring a double effigy of Queen Victoria (the monarch at the time of confederation in 1867) and Queen Elizabeth II (the monarch at the time of Canada 150).

Cancellation Policy:
Please note that due to high demand for the coins in this series, we are only able to offer these coins at issue price when you purchase a complete subscription. In the event of a cancellation, any coins retained by the customer will be regarded as single-coin purchases and the customer will be charged the difference between their current market value and their special subscription pricing.

Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 100Dollar

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