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2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ornithomimus - Pure Silver Coin in Floating Frame
2017 $20 Ancient Canada: Ornithomimus - Pure Silver Coin
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Year: 2017

RCM# 154259

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Millions of years ago, the Canadian landscape was teeming with prehistoric species whose remains lie in the rocks that bridge our era with theirs. This is Ancient Canada! Through unique striking techniques and an antique finish, this splash-struck coin takes a closer look at life before us through its depiction of the fossilized remains of Ornithomimus, as it was found in rocks of the Alberta badlands.

HISTORY PRESERVED—AND IN THE MAKING! AN RCM FIRST: SPLASH STRUCK LIKE AN ANCIENT COIN! Using an old coin-making technique, the coin does not have a rim; instead, the 99.99% pure silver is allowed to “spill” beyond a traditional round shape to give the coin an irregular one—just like an ancient Roman coin!

A MINIMUM DIAMETER OF 38MM: Due to its irregular shape, your coin may be larger and flatter. Each coin will vary, which makes your coin TRULY unique!

OUTSTANDING DETAIL AND ATTENTION TO HISTORICAL ACCURACY! Verified by Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, your coin uses precision engraving to recreate the fossil remains AND the textured appearance of sandstone—much like the rock in which the original fossil was found!

ANTIQUE FINISH GIVES IT AN AGED LOOK! To enhance the detailed engraving of the fossil and its sandstone-like surroundings, a stunning patina finish has been painstakingly applied to your coin by hand. This gives the coin an antiqued appearance that reflects the series’ historical theme!

The reverse design is based on fossil specimen TMP 1995.110.1 curated at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta. The rimless coin’s unusual contour is the product of an old coin-making technique that allows the fine silver to “spill” out, which produces an irregular shape reminiscent of an ancient Roman coin. In contrast, cutting-edge technology and finishing techniques add a smooth appearance to the engraved fossils of the feathered dinosaur Ornithomimus, which shines bright in comparison to the textured appearance of the “sandstone” encasing throughout the reverse. The entire design has an unmistakably ancient look and feel, thanks to a patina finish that gives the coin its aged look, coupled with the prehistoric-looking font
used on both the reverse and obverse.

Since the coin’s irregular shape won’t fit within a typical capsule, we’re taking the unprecedented step of packaging it in a ready-to-display floating frame! Measuring 80 mm x 80 mm x 34 mm, this framed presentation makes for one-of-a-kind wall art and a sure conversation piece—it will seem like the fossil is embedded in your wall! Plus, the coin’s antique finish is sealed in lacquer and has the side benefit of minimizing the appearance of fingerprints, should the coin be removed from its frame.
Produced By: RCM
Denomination: 20Dollar

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