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2017 Real Shape Iconic Canada: 4 Piece Pure Silver Subscription
Real Shape Iconic Canada: Four Piece Pure Silver Subscription

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Save $160 by subscribing for this four-piece collection. Issue price is $289.95 each for singles, but just $249.95 each when ordering the full set!

This innovative and visually stunning series of pure silver medallic art uses new technology and production techniques to showcase some of Canada’s most iconic images struck in the actual shapes of the designs portrayed. Each substantial piece weighs 100 grams (3.215 ounces) of .9999 fine silver, and measures about 100 mm in width.

Four different designs are included in the series: Polar Bear, Bluenose Schooner, Parliament Buildings and RCMP. The images for this series originate from some of Canada’s most popular historic postage stamps, and have been authorized by Canada Post. Each design is brought fully to life through artistic colouring painted by renowned Canadian artist Trevor Tenant. A brilliant silver border shines around the colour over engraving on the reverse, while the obverse is presented with a classic proof-like finish.

Each Real Shaped Iconic Canada silver collector piece is encapsulated for protection and presented in a “Magic Frame” for display. The background within each frame includes additional details from the original postage stamps, allowing the shaped images to be beautifully presented in a larger perspective. Mintage is limited to just 1,867 of each design. This series is struck by the Canadian Heritage Mint, and includes a certificate of authenticity attesting to the mintage, weight and fineness. As investment quality .9999 fine silver items, this series is HST/GST exempt.

This collection is sold as a four part subscription, with one piece being shipped every third month. The Polar Bear will ship when your order is placed, with the three additional designs being shipped as they are released every third month.

Stamp Designs and Expected Release Schedule:

October 3, 2017
Polar Bear1998 $2 Polar Bear Stamp
December 5, 2017Bluenose Schooner1929 50 cent Bluenose Stamp
February 6, 2018Parliament Buildings1927 3 cent / 1929 $1 Stamps
May 1, 2018RCMP1935 10 cent "Mountie in full dress uniform"

Polar Bear Design (first release)
The design on the 100 gram pure silver polar bear is based on the Canada Post two dollar Polar Bear stamp issued in 1998. The original stamp design was created by Steven Slipp of Halifax, NS. The stamp was printed using both high security intaglio printing and lithography, creating a banknote style appearance to the design. The intaglio features of the original stamp have been maintained on the frame background design, thus combining the classic appearance of the stamp with the modern image of the medallic art.

Half of the world's 40,000 polar bears live in Canada - in the coastal regions of both the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, and in Manitoba, Ontario and arctic Quebec. As their Latin name ursus maritimus suggest, polar bears are maritime creatures. They spend most of their days out on the sea ice, hunting seals. Though they are believed to have evolved from grizzlies, polar bears have unique rounded shoulders and pronounced brow ridges. Their necks, skulls and noses are elongated and their muzzles are aquiline. Large paws help polar bears distribute their weight while walking on thin ice. Their front legs act as water propellers while their hind limbs function as rudders.

One of the most distinctive features of the polar bear is its colour. The white fur helps it blend into the arctic background and has special features for cold weather adaptation; it is translucent and transmits ultraviolet radiation to keep the skin warm. Equally distinctive is the polar bear's size. The largest carnivore in the world that lives mostly out of water, it can weigh up to 800 kg - double the size of a grizzly!

Bluenose Schooner (second release)

The design on this 100 gram fine silver Real Shape medallic art piece features the Bluenose Schooner as it appeared on Canada’s classic 1929 50 cent postage stamp. The original stamp was designed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, based on a photograph taken by W.R. MacAskill in 1922, just one year after the ship was completed. Rather than adding a different ship in the background, the designers chose to use two images of the Bluenose to provide perspective and a sense of speed.

The Bluenose has earned its place as one of the most iconic images of Canada, and as an enduring symbol of excellence. The story behind the Bluenose can be traced back to 1919, when the hearty fishermen of the Canadian Maritimes scoffed at the America’s Cup race being cancelled because of “strong winds”. While the America’s cup was a race of “recreational yachts”, the fishermen sought to establish their own contest. In 1920, the International Fishermen’s Trophy was established as a prize for “the fastest ship in the North Atlantic fishing fleet”, with a requirement that any ship entered had to be a true working fishing vessel.

Canada faced a great challenge with this new race, as the American fishing vessels were usually smaller and faster. In 1920, the inaugural race was won by a ship from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and the Canadians vowed to defeat their rivals the following year. It was this challenge that inspired Halifax businessmen and Captain Angus Walters to commission W.J. Roué to design a sleek new ship that could beat the New England rivals.

The new Bluenose schooner was completed in early 1921, and was designed both as a working fishing vessel and a racing craft. With Angus Walters at the helm, the Bluenose triumphed in its first race, and the ship remained undefeated through an 18 year career. For this work of medallic art in pure silver, the original design has been brought to life with realistic colour by renowned Canadian artist Trevor Tennant.

RCMP (third release)

The third piece in the Real Shape Iconic Canada series features an image of a “Mountie in Full Dress Uniform”, based on the classic ten cent stamp issued by Canada Post in 1935. There are few countries in the world where a national police force is so respected as to earn a place of honour among the most iconic images of a nation. The original image of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable on horseback with a prairie background was designed by Herman Schwartz, and has been enhanced with colour by Trevor Tennant for this new appearance in pure silver.

The RCMP was originally formed in 1873 with 150 recruits as the North West Mounted Police to patrol lands recently purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company. The number of officers and their mandate rapidly increased, keeping order in the Canadian frontier and earning respect by providing assistance and support to many of those who took on the challenges of Canada’s North-West. The force continued to grow policing the Klondike Gold Rush, and was given the title “Royal” by King Edward VII in 1904.

The modern RCMP was formed in 1920 through the merger of the Royal North West Mounted Police and the Dominion Police, creating a true national police force. While it retains the mythology of its frontier past, the modern RCMP is a sophisticated force continuing its mandate to maintain law and order in Canada. The iconic RCMP image on this 100 gram medallic art shines brightly with the pride of a nation where law and order includes the protection of individual rights and freedoms.

Parliament Buildings of Canada (fourth release)

With the Great War complete and in the midst of the Roaring Twenties, Canada was ready to celebrate its 60th anniversary of Confederation in 1927. As part of this celebration, a series of commemorative stamps was released on June 29th, 1927, including a three cent stamp featuring the near complete new centre block of the Canadian parliament buildings. This historic stamp image forms the basis of this new Real Shape medallic art struck in 100 grams of pure silver.

The original Parliament Buildings of Canada were completed in 1866 as the seat of government for the Province of Canada, and quickly became the home of the new Dominion of Canada government after confederation in 1867. The structure was a spectacular example of gothic revival architecture, and served Canada well until the great fire of 1916, which left only the Library of Parliament standing from the original structure.

The current centre block of parliament as pictured on the 1927 postage stamp was completed and officially opened on November 11, 1928. The new structure maintained much of the general appearance of the original, but incorporated new symmetry, practical design to meet the needs of government, and a sense of dignified grandeur appropriate for the growing nation. Shortly after the official opening of the new parliament building, the design first used in 1927 appeared again on a 1929 $1 stamp.

Produced By: Canadian Heritage Mint

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