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14 Karat Gold and Sterling Silver Pendant With Red Cabochon Ruby Featuring Roman Republican Silver Denarius 211-79 BCE
Roman Republican Silver Denarius Pendant
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This Numari branded 14 karat gold and sterling silver pendant is part of a new line of high quality jewellery that captures history and tells the story of an era gone by. The coin is surrounded by a ring of solid 14 karat gold, then further embellished with sterling silver and a red cabochon ruby at the bottom. The front coin design features a helmeted figure of the goddess Roma, a deity who personified the city of Rome and the Roman state. The back design features either the mythical twins Castor and Pollux on horseback, or Victory driving a chariot pulled by two, three or four horses. The genuine silver dates from 211 to 79 BCE (about 2,100 years ago), and is one of the highest quality examples possible to obtain, in nearly as struck about uncirculated condition. Please note that as every coin is unique, the photo above represents a close approximation to the one you will receive.

As you wear this coin pendant, you will attain a tangible connection to the era and the story of the Roman Republic, a time when arts and culture flourished and when the government of the Roman Empire was headed by consuls elected annually by the citizens. This was also a period of frequent wars and conquests, as the Republic sought to expand its control over the western world. The Republic would later fall with the dictatorship of Julius Caesar and the following rule of Mark Antony, leading to a long line of Emperors who would rule for centuries to follow.

The pendant is ready to wear and enjoy, and comes with an 18 inch sterling silver snake chain (16 inches plus a two inch extender).

This ancient Roman silver denarius coin dates from about 211 BCE to 79 BCE, and is one of the highest quality surviving examples of coinage dating from the late Roman Republican period. The front of the coin features a helmeted image of “Roma”, while the back design most frequently features “Victory” driving chariot. Roma was a female deity who personified the city of Rome and the Roman state. “Victory”, or the Roman “Victoria”, derives from the Greek goddess Nike, and is usually portrayed as a winged goddess.

From 509 BCE when the last king was expelled, to around the time Julius Caesar became the first dictator of the Roman Empire in 44 BCE, Rome was ruled by senators with a constitution and a complex republican government. This nearly 500 year period is generally referred to as the Roman Republic, and traverses a period of unprecedented growth in culture, political structure and economics, including the start of widespread usage of coinage in everyday commerce.

The silver denarius denomination was introduced in 211 BCE, and quickly became the standard silver coin denomination. The “Victory” design is widely believed to refer to the final defeat of Perseus of Macedon at the Battle of Pydna in 168 BC. The coins are struck in high quality silver, usually with a purity above 95% fineness.

The coins found in all Numari jewellery are guaranteed genuine and come with a certificate of authenticity and information about the coin.

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