How to store, protect and display coins and bank notes
Last Updated: 02/13/2013
With modern professional coin and bank note supplies, it has become easy to store and display a collection in a way that will be both attractive and effective protection. In the past, the biggest problem for storing coins and notes was PVC plastics. Most soft plastics break down over time and will react with coins and even bank notes stored in them. Professional coin and bank note holders today are made of mylar or other inert non PVC materials, and the choice is now mostly what is the presentation you prefer most.

Coins can be stored in individual 2” x 2” coin holders, then placed into “pocket pages”, which fit into display albums. Traditional coin holders used staples on the side of the cardboard holders to keep the coin in place, but new self-adhesive holders are easier to use and provide a much more attractive presentation. For higher quality coins or a premium presentation, acrylic “quadrams” provide the highest quality protection for coins, and can be kept in a compact box or placed into custom display cases.

Bank notes can be protected in mylar bill sleeves, then placed into “pocket pages” which fit in an album. This system makes it easy to add to a collection, and allows for both sides of the notes to be easily viewed. Canadian

Coin & Currency offers a wide selection of products to store and present your coins and bank notes. Please see the Supplies section.

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