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1973 Canadian 25 Cent Mountie Quarter - Small Bust vs Large Bust
The 1973 25 cent RCMP Mountie quarter is one of the most commonly collected coins in Canada. Unfortunately it is also one of the most misunderstood. Of the 135.9 million quarters struck by the RCM
Brock & Salaberry Tokens
Canadian Coin - 1966 One Dollar - Large Beads (Common) vs Small Beads
Canadian Coin - 1968 One Dollar - Five Varieties
Coin ID - 1858 Province of Canada 20 Cent
Coin ID - 5 Cents - George V - Canada
Coin ID - Canadian 1967 Denominations and Information
Dollars of Canada
Error Coins
Coins with significant errors are seldom encountered in Canada or in the United States. The rare coins which occasionally escape the comprehensive screening by the Mint are highly prized and widely c
How to protect against counterfeits
In this age of on-line access to everything from distant sellers, counterfeiting of rare coins has become a major problem for inexperienced collectors. Rare and high grade coins being offered through
Infographic - Lucky Loonie
Infographic - Special Serial Numbers
Magnifiers: A Closer Look
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The High and Low of the 1977 Canadian Nickel