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2015 $25 Star Charts - Pure Silver 4-Coin Set
2015 Star Charts Series - Complete Set with Box
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Year: 2015

RCM# 142837

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This new 2015 four piece $25 pure silver coin collection from the Royal Canadian Mint tells the Native Canadian story of how the stars of the night sky came to form the Big Dipper, using exceptional art and glow in the dark technology. The seven stars that make up the Big Dipper are arguably one of the most recognized formations in the night sky. They are visible year-round from northern latitudes, and have inspired countless legends around the globe. Many First Nations legends describe the Big Dipper as a great bear who is hunted ceaselessly by three hunters.

The story told through this series is about three great hunters who set out in pursuit of a great bear.
“That bear is killing all the animals and our people will starve. We must stop it,” the elders said. Three great hunters set out in pursuit of the great bear. They tracked it for many moons, across the earth and up into the sky. To this day, you can still see the great bear running across the sky with three hunters close behind. We usually call this formation “The Big Dipper”.

The Star Charts series coins tell the story in four parts, each beautifully represented on a $25 pure silver coin containing just over an ounce of pure silver. Each coin features a vibrant and artistic full colour image, and utilizes glow in the dark technology for the first time ever on a Canadian silver coin. When the lights go off, the stars glow brilliantly, forming an image the three great hunters and the bear, or the big dipper. Even the packaging for this set is beautiful, with the outer boxes joining together to form one cohesive story, including glow in the dark imagery.

Coin 1 - The Quest
The first issue shows the hunters answering the elders’ call to stop the bear before it kills all the animals in the forest and brings starvation to the people. The coin features an image of a hunter in traditional dress, face paint and ceremonial shield with a bear claw motif. In the background the Big Dipper shines brightly.

Coin 2 - Wounded Bear
The second issue in this four-coin series gives the account how the hunters struck the bear, but only managed to wound it. This is why leaves turn red in autumn.

Coin 3 - The Great Ascent
The hunters tracked the bear for many moons, right across the earth. Just as they thought they might catch it, the bear leapt to the heavens and the hunters followed without fear.

Coin 4 - The Eternal Pursuit
To this day, you can still see the great bear running across the sky
with three hunters close behind.

Mintages for each coin are limited to just 7,500. As a pure silver coin struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, this item is HST/GST exempt.

Produced By: RCM

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